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Solutions for Home Owners

At Real Property Solutions we specialise in helping people who want or need to sell their houses. Whether you are facing repossession, having problems with debts, in negative equity, needing to emigrate or just having difficulty selling in the current slow market, we can help.

We provide a personal, fee free service, tailor made to solve your individual problems. We can offer a guaranteed, fast sale, at an agreed price, within a timescale to suit you, which can be a short as a week.

Negative Equity?

People in negative equity will find it almost impossible to sell their homes as they will be not able to a get a high enough sales price to pay off their mortgage. By using our deferred completion sale service, we may be able to offer more than the current market value and clear you debts.

Repossession or dept problems?

If you are in mortgage arrears and are being threatened with eviction, one way out is to sell your house quickly or make an arrangement to sell that will satisfy your lender.

New Solutions

Due to the current market conditions, many more people are taking advantage of alternative ways of selling their homes. For example by exchanging contracts to sell but delaying completion, much higher prices can be achieved with no other difference for the seller.

Our code of Practice

Unlike some organisations, we consider ethical behaviour to be essential to our success.

We will always treat people fairly and honestly, in accordance with our code of practice.