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       Why should you use our services?

We will tailor a specific solution to suit you so these are just some the benefits you will enjoy.


We can give you a commitment in days and completion can be within weeks.

You pay no fees

You will pay no estate agent fees, no legal fees, no valuation fees, there is no need to pay for a Home Information Pack and there are no other hidden fees.


One in three accepted offers fail to go through, often because the buyer can not get the required finance, have difficulty selling their existing home or just change their minds.

We are property professionals, so once we have offered on your property you can be certain we will go through with the deal. Delays in finding a buyer and completing the sale can be expensive in a falling market.


We buy property in any condition, so there is no need to prepare your home for viewings. A fresh coat of paint is not important to us.

You will not have lots of strangers and timewasters coming to look at your home.

Freedom from Negative Equity

Because we may be able to pay more than the market value of you home (while most buyers are expecting to pay less) we may be able to buy your property and free you from your debts even if you are in negative equity, leaving you free to get on with your life.


We are very discrete. No one else will know your business.

Fair Price

Each package is individually tailored to your circumstances, but we generally offer more than the full market value for our deferred sale service and between 75% and 85% of the open market value for our fast sale service, depending on the terms of the sale. A valuation of your property will be performed by a independent RICS qualified surveyor.

Reposition Help

If you are in mortgage arrears and facing reposition, we can help you stop the proceedings and, if you wish, may be able to attend the court hearings on your behalf. By not being repossessed you will not incur the considerable costs involved, you will stop your mortgage company selling you house very cheaply and prevent damage to your credit rating.

You can become a cash buyer

If you have cash in the bank from your property sale, you will become a cash buyer for your next property - and in a much better position to negotiate a good discount.