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The task of sharing assets following divorce or separation can be complicated and emotionally draining. There will be many issues to deal with. You may have to make arrangements for the children and schools, divide up the property and belongings, find alternative accommodation, meet with your solicitor, whilst trying to adjust your life and cope with your emotions. The additional stress of having to find a buyer for your property is were we can help you make selling your property hassle free.

We pride ourselves on our professional, courteous and sensitive staff who can help you arrange any settlement with minimum disruption to you. We do all this with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion, to ensure our clients privacy during this period.

We can help you to divide your assets quickly and efficiently so you can move on with your new life. As we buy your home from you direct, we can make you an offer within 24 hours and as there is no risk of a chain break so we can guarantee the sale. From agreeing to our offer to completing the sale typically takes 4-6 weeks although we can complete within days, if required. See our fast sale page for details.

The disadvantage of using traditional methods if you put the property on the market with an estate agent is that it could take up to several months before it is sold. Until then, both of you are still responsible for the mortgage payments as well as additional expenses that come with a break up.

Once we have purchased your property it will be made available to let. For a lot of families going through divorce, stability in children's lives is paramount. If you wish, one partner is welcome to apply to become the first tenants. Due to changes in Government regulations we are unable to guarantee future tenancies to a properties former owner but we always welcome our customers remaining in their properties if possible.