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       Negative Equity - we can get you out of it

With prices having fallen so much, large number of people are now in negative equity, and will find it impossible to sell their homes as they will be not able to a get a high enough sales price to pay off their mortgage. We see many properties sitting on right move for many months because the owners are having to ask for an unrealistic price.

If you want or need to sell your house but are stuck in the negative equity trap, we can help!

By using a deferred sale agreement, we can buy your house for more than its current market value, clear your debts and possibly give you some money to help you with your next move. In recent months many people have used this service to escape from their problems.

The principle behind this product is very simple. We will buy your house and your mortgage together, as a package. The terms of the sale can be tailored to meet your circumstances, time frames and plans for the future. Please ask us what we can do to help you. If you need to sell quickly we can often exchange contracts in just a few days.

Our service is completely free, we will even pay your solicitors fees for you.

Give us a call on 0800 0588 099 to see what we can do for you or complete this simple form. You can read more about our deferred completion service here.