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       A Fast, Guaranteed and Fee Free Sale

Here at Real Property Solutions there are several ways in which we are able to help. We can help you to achieve a quick and guaranteed sale of your property by providing solutions that work with your circumstances and timescale. We will effectively manage the whole process of the sale of your home from start to finish, keeping you informed of the choices available to you. In return for a quick sale, we generally offer between 75% - 85% of the open market value of your property. We buy any type of property in any condition.

Whether you are in mortgage arrears, relocating for work or need to sell quickly for any other reason we can help.

Once we have purchased your property it will be made available to let. If you wish, you are welcome to apply to become the first tenants. Due to changes in Government regulations we are unable to guarantee future tenancies to a properties former owners but we always welcome our customer remaining in their properties if possible.

How does our fast sale compare to selling through an agent

The most important difference is speed. Selling through an agent typically takes six months and can take a lot longer, especially in the current market. On average a property is for sale for three months before an offer is accepted. It then takes a further three months for the buyer to carry out surveys and arrange their finance or sell their existing property. We can make you an offer in 24 hours and complete the sale in two weeks.

Unlike selling though an estate agent, if you sell through us, there are no fees to pay. See the table below for typical costs. In addition you will not have to spend any money bringing your home up to a saleable condition.

Remeber that proerties generaly sell for less than the estate agent's asking price, on average around 10% less. So while you might think our offer seems quite low, after taking everything into account, it is not that low.

   Cost of selling through an Agent  Cost of selling with Us
 Approximate Solicitors Fee (inc VAT)  1,000  0
 Estate Agent Fees (2% plus VAT)  4,700  0
 Mortgage Interest*  5,250  0
 Home Information Pack Fee  750  0
 Moving Costs  1,500  0
 Total  13,300  0

* Assuming an interest rate of 7% on a 150,000 mortgage, this is the amount of mortgage interest incurred in a six month period. If you sell immediately, there is no further interest to pay.